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Salon and Spa Professionals Only

KeraRX believes in the power of education!  With a curriculum developed by experts in the fields of cosmetology, aesthetics, business, and secondary education, we offer a comprehensive education program unparalleled in the beauty industry. Utilizing a variety of instructional styles and modalities, we seek to connect with each stylist’s unique learning style and/or needs.

Coming Soon

We know that stylists have lives outside of the time spent behind the chair. As successful entrepreneurs, small business owners, parents, students, and a million other roles we don’t have time to list, not everyone is able to make it to our hands-on classes. That is why we have created an online certification program for stylists, to help you learn how to provide our revenue-boosting, smoothing treatments to your clients when YOU have the time to learn. It is as easy as watching an online video and then taking a short quiz in order to become a certified Keraplastician! 

Soon we will post the educational calendar for upcoming zoom classes, hands-on certification classes, videos, and other easy ways to become a Certified Keraplastician!