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So how does it work? 


As every hairstylist knows, hair ages just like the rest of our body… and KeraRX has scoured the earth to find ways of keeping clients’ hair looking younger, firmer, and more “fit”, which is why we have taken the same anti-aging ingredients used in skincare to create a haircare system able to “turn back the hands of time” for hair too. 


Keraplasty Keratin Smoothing System utilizes 10 different acids used every day by estheticians around the world: Glyoxylic, Glycolic, Lactic, Citric, and Salicylic, along with a number of less well-known acids are all combined to create a low-pH proprietary smoothing treatment with an acidity similar to that of lemon juice. (This proprietary blend makes our smoothing treatment easy-to-use  and much safer for stylists and their clients.)


These acids act upon the keratin layer of the cuticle of the hair strand, penetrating the deepest part of the cuticle and cortex layers, acting as a “Hair Botox” by filling the gaps caused by age/chemical treatments with amino acids which will rejuvenate and plump the hair strand. Keraplasty then begins to act like a Capillar Surgery treatment, manipulating the Disulfide and Hydrogen bonds at a chemical level, organizing those bonds, and then filling the gaps in-between them. By reorganizing the bonds which maintain the integrity of the hair strand itself, then replacing the Amino Acids missing from the hair strand itself, Keraplasty has been shown to improve the integrity of healthy, as well as highly processed/damaged hair… improving its strength, thickness, and manageability. 


But we are not done, the Keraplasty Keratin Smoothing System is also first and foremost “a keratin”! From the moment a hairstylist applies the Keraplasty treatment to the hair, it begins to heal and smooth the hair cuticle, which represents the outermost part of the hair shaft. Hair is already made of keratin, so the keratin in our treatments adds strength and shine to what is already there. A keratin smoothing treatment can help define curls, add health and shine, and keep hair frizz-free for months at a time. Keraplasty was developed with a proprietary blend of natural acids, crushed pearl for its over 30 trace minerals/amino acid-rich properties, and hydrolyzed keratin to provide the perfect smoothing results, with soft, shiny strands and no frizz. 


A formaldehyde- and aldehyde-free keratin infusion treatment packed with crushed pearl, hydrolyzed keratin, and enriched with botanical extracts to create softness and shine—but unlike other keratin treatments, you can wash and style it right away. That's right, no three-day wait time or worrying about creating a permanent kink by tucking it behind your ear like other keratin services. Results last up to four months, depending on how often you shampoo. All of our formaldehyde-free, toxin-free, and cruelty-free keratin smoothing treatments and aftercare products are designed with your health and the clients’ safety in mind. 


Whether your clients’ have curly, textured, wavy, damaged, or straight hair, we provide nature’s way of making their hair soft, shiny, healthy, and manageable. We have received client feedback saying our treatments reduce daily styling time from 33% to 75%. If you want to improve your clients’ salon and at-home styling experience:


The answer is simple – Keraplasty!